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is a lack of funding getting in the way of your vision?


stop surviving in your nonprofit fundraising....

thrive in it

How it works

Increase your fundraising revenue up to  


the first year


Make fundraising your energy can
be focused on changing lives

  • learn how to...

    • increase your revenue by $300K/YR

    • forget about galas to receive key funds 

    • pitch big and small donors 

    • build a monthly giving model that actually works 

    • create a true community of raving givers

    • utilize CRM's to their maximum capacity 

    • start from 0 and get to $100,000 per year (startups) 

    • create higher conversion rate % from marketing 


Meet our Founder

Joey McKernan serves as the Executive Director of Partnerships & Programs at Abide Omaha, a non profit organization in the heart of the inner city of Omaha Nebraska. 


He is the author of Discover Your Purpose, and resides in Omaha Nebraska with his wife and daughter. 

Joey spent his youth working at the Open Door Mission another large non profit in the Omaha metro area, and has grown up in the culture of thriving non profits. 

His areas of expertise include marketing, partnerships, donors systems, monthly models, CRM's and more. His passion is to see community organizations THRIVE in their fundraising and donor models so they can make the most impact in their community.  Joey spends his time speaking, coaching, consulting, and building partnerships around the midwest.

A Few Equip Partners

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Envision Academy

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Our Fundraising Services 

6-8 Executive Strategy

Website Building/
Graphic Design 

Fundraising Campaign

Social Media Management

Financial Model Construction


"Joey’s guidance and expertise have been crucial in my leadership efforts. From day one he has clarified my vision and given me practical steps to achieving my goals. The amount of time and energy he has invested in me as a leader shows how much he really believes in me. That has really made all the difference."

Max Nault, 

Executive Director of Kingdom Gym Inc.

“Joey really digs in and becomes a part of our team in order to get to the heart of our mission. He has helped us define our organization both as it is today and where we are going. I love the concrete steps he’s giving us.”

Tia Berend, Board President of

Brandt House 

Screen Shot 2022-12-30 at 10.10_edited.png

I started my organization about 5 years ago. I started getting coached by Joey 3 years ago. Before I started meeting with Joey, I had inconsistent clients, little knowledge about marketing, and no foundation to build my organization. Since then, Joey has helped me with marketing strategies that have grown from 30 students to 125 consistent clients. I have built a foundation for my organization that has made my studio financially sustainable and have grown to capacity with one dance studio. I am now building out a second dance studio to continue the growth of my mission!

Saveenha Dotzler, CEO of Leonas Dance Company

Our Year One Process

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